Glassy Mountain
Pickens, South Carolina
hike difficulty
hike difficulty
Duration 1 hour
Elevation Gain 287 ft.
State South Carolina
Park/Forest Pickens
Parking Fee None
Blaze Mix of signs
Nearby City Pickens, SC
Trailhead Coord. 34.897521, -82.661181

Dwarfed in most respects by the nearby Table Rock State Park and Mountain Bridge Wilderness, Glassy Mountain will entertain those looking for a short, easy trail with a great view. This trail will certainly not appeal to anyone seeking a challenge.

Driving up South Glassy Mountain road, the trailhead will be on the right immediately after passing South Glassy Mountain Church road and before the communication towers at the top of the mountain. Either park along the road next to the trailhead or just head to top of the road.

Beginning roadside, the trail starts off level, following the contour of the hillside. Although this trail is not blazed, there is a mix of trail signs including an arrow and a green and white hiker circle; however, he trail is easily followed regardless. Hiking in mid-February, the trail was devoid of both people and foliage, the latter allowing for views of the East and mountain to the North, including Table Rock and Pinnacle mountains. Along the length of the trail, the hammering of woodpeckers and distant mooing of cows can be heard.

The trail soon comes to a 3-way split at just over half a mile in. The lower two trails form a short loop that takes you to the edge of the namesake rock face. Water often flows down the rock, giving it a glassy appearance from a distance. One of the first things you will notice is the graffiti covering the rock. Some might consider this less like vandalism and more like “trail art.” Rest for a moment and take in the expansive views of the neighboring farmland and distant mountain ranges.

Returning to the main trail, most of the hike’s elevation is gained heading to the top of the mountain. Unlike most mountain summits, it’s not exactly picturesque due to the communication towers and barbed wire fence. From here you can either head back down the trail or walk down the road back to the trailhead to form a 1 mile loop.

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Trailhead Coordinates
34.897521, -82.661181 (Degree Decimal, DegDec)
N 34°53.85, W 82°39.67 (Degree Minutes, MinDec)
N 34°53'51'', W 82°39'40'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS)

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Ranger District Information
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
1000 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Cautions & Warnings
The granite overlook has a steep drop off, so be careful especially when wet.