Pilot Mountain - Jomeokee Trail
Pilot Mountain State Park, North Carolina
hike difficulty
hike difficulty
Duration 1 hour
Elevation Gain 260 ft.
State North Carolina
Park/Forest Pilot Mountain State Park
Parking Fee None
Blaze None
Nearby City Pilot Mountain, NC
Trailhead Coord. 36.340256, -80.479955

The iconic Pilot Mountain juts out of the surrounding landscape, just begging to be explored. Within a short drive from Winston-Salem and Greensboro, this is a popular park with a variety of trails.

Directly off of US 52, Pilot Mountain State Park is easily accessed and therefore very popular. This is evident in the large parking lot and well equipped restrooms at the top the mountain. To get there drive past the park office and up the winding road. At the end of the parking lot is a viewing platform, offering instant payoff.

To the left of the viewing platform is a short, paved semi-circle path that connects the parking area to a few of the parks trails. Along this section are several more viewing platforms. Continue along this path until the sign for the .8 mile Jomeokee Trail.

Immediately descending down some stone steps, the trail heads directly towards the big pinnacle, the iconic rock lofting above the surrounding trees. At .2 miles, the Ledge Springs Loop trail branches off to the right. Shortly afterwards, the trail ascends a few rock steps before coming to the split that forms the loop around the massive monadnock.

Heading around the loop clockwise to the left, the trail hugs the cliff face, with continuous views of the surrounding area, especially in the winter. At this height, the roar of distant traffic can be heard faintly in the distance. There are several stone benches along the way to stop and sit along this short trail. On the way back, take the short side trail to the little pinnacle overlook for excellent views of the big pinnacle. The path you just returned from can be seen below.

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Trailhead Coordinates
36.340256, -80.479955 (Degree Decimal, DegDec)
N 36°20.42, W 80°28.8 (Degree Minutes, MinDec)
N 36°20'25'', W 80°28'48'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS)

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Further Directions
Continue past the park office up the winding road to the parking lot at the top. The trail starts to the left of the overlook at the end of the parking area.


Ranger District Information
Pilot Mountain State Park
1792 Pilot Knob Park Road, Pinnacle, NC 27043