Keown Falls Loop
Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia
hike difficulty
hike difficulty
Duration 1 hour
Elevation Gain 630 ft.
State Georgia
Park/Forest Chattahoochee National Forest
Parking Fee None
Blaze White/Green
Nearby City Resaca, GA
Trailhead Coord. 34.613595, -85.08813

The Keown Falls loop offers great views and waterfalls along its short 1.5 mile path. Solitude seekers will also enjoy this hike in all but the warmest season; however, with expanded winter views, this hike is better in the colder months. At less than an hour away from Chattanooga, this is a good family option, even more so if combined with the Johns Mountain loop.

The trailhead at the Keown Falls Picnic Area has restrooms and several picnic tables along quiet streams, but the parking lot is rather small. Head out on the trail, following the well maintained rock-lined path. This section of trail also shares its path with the Pinhoti trail. At .1 miles, the trail splits; take a right, following the sign to the overlook. Rock-hop a stream crossing and climb the moderately steep switchbacks up the hillside. There are several good views along the way up, even more so in winter.

Just before approaching Keown Falls, you will climb a set of steps that split halfway up. Continue up the steps to the right to climb above the falls to the observation deck. Just past the observation deck is the Johns Mountain Loop. The two loops do not intersect at any point but are joined by way of this short connector trail, which allow both to enjoy the falls. Go back down the steps, this time down to Keown Falls.

Although this is not a powerful waterfall even after rain, it is interesting as the trail travels behind the falls, under the rock outcropping from which it drops. Pay attention along this section, most of the trail along here is over wet, slick rocks. Once beyond the falls, the trail narrows as it clings to the steep hillside, navigating over some occasionally wet areas before coming to a second waterfall in another .1 miles. To finish out, continue down the trail which drops steeply at first, then more gradually until it reconnects the loop, then hiking the last .1 miles back to the Keown Falls Picnic Area.

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  • Keown Falls and Johns Mountain Overlook
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0,1076:0.0164884225631421,1082:0.0335034088258731,1089:0.0507941839658985,1095:0.0740185626185309,1103:0.0938390094805278,1114:0.119815764551072,1125:0.146145680207062,1139:0.168085466508212,1152:0.194977735580083,1166:0.210002715517306,1177:0.228508877260308,1189:0.250726196348724,1207:0.272984462703838,1213:0.288807662505928,1219:0.304524200400689,1238:0.322803041218616,1256:0.335594667532267,1267:0.35039431553167,1284:0.363496905950402,1295:0.375401233397827,1319:0.382998884443687,1324:0.39562030150096,1333:0.406366451092223,1338:0.413792653371795,1346:0.431299213140261,1350:0.444231601210499,1355:0.453567626037704,1363:0.46935231233714,1374:0.488346466234045,1383:0.492712083322768,1383:0.501559197927795,1388:0.514947495294192,1391:0.528092420759262,1398:0.540767342033083,1404:0.552717199188276,1410:0.572160203197503,1420:0.599422529469878,1451:0.620862519814773,1506:0.628231515562144,1511:0.63226786431056,1502:0.638239986251696,1492:0.650890103965907,1428:0.659964344858213,1435:0.665472819570901,1439:0.675776225344674,1401:0.686633840202088,1391:0.700783778774283,1379:0.714002388701947,1382:0.735613442263975,1369:0.758926593078495,1391:0.776411616245843,1398:0.787734603691961,1415:0.803588604536544,1424:0.819181409108531,1432:0.828093608279432,1435:0.839364499359815,1423:0.850443073415684,1399:0.858858586822884,1387:0.869419546688556,1390:0.881003162163439,1383:0.892545460758612,1379:0.903724869423456,1377:0.91730642305556,1376:0.931268650215583,1372:0.942674802869134,1368:0.955153941284568,1360:0.966478288191108,1346:0.978090861665067,1330:0.984014694331538,1312:0.99492691948954,1297:1.0064440248149,1284:1.02032542046199,1273:1.03289053901231,1265:1.04322254909837,1256:1.05490348908363,1246:1.06469034746339,1234:1.07618892705839,1221:1.08872740699385,1208:1.10037638380865,1193:1.11378052863212,1186:1.13003009963956,1180:1.14275714148393,1175:1.1570978589611,1164:1.16988048580406,1152:1.18584341343765,1144:1.19701332092908,1130:1.20977676128435,1111:1.22400864341939,1093:1.24167885126346,1079:1.25292796881305,1074:1.26255136320094,1070:1.27223331407451,1065:1.28539412868694,1059:1.29354450172327,1054:1.30506335506195,1054:1.314847492251,1051:1.32475886106446,1046:1.33643363308244,1038:1.35116791216016,1025:1.37437830253534,1019:1.39786061490202,1014:1.40970773196583,1011:1.42080310517902,1003:1.43439101810638,999:1.4508132721167,994:1.46822948565435,986:1.48428330742625,980:1.49796673232855,975:1.51194064965328,970:1.52295307649698,966 700 1700 100
Trailhead Coordinates
34.613595, -85.08813 (Degree Decimal, DegDec)
N 34°36.82, W 85°5.29 (Degree Minutes, MinDec)
N 34°36'49'', W 85°5'17'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS)

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Ranger District Information
Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest
Conasauga District
3941 Highway 76, Chatsworth, GA 30705

Cautions & Warnings
Wet rocks beneath the falls can be slippery.
Be careful of several steep hillsides.

Other Information
For more information about the area, visit: